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Important NAMI 360 and Membership Reminders!

Dear NAMI State Organization and NAMI Affiliate Leaders, Staff and Volunteers,

We know that other more pressing issues may have your attention right now and wanted to send this reminder about the May 8 membership submission deadline as the deadline is coming up this Friday.


Why is the Submission Deadline important

Each year, NAMI holds elections for the National Board of Directors as well as any proposed by-laws amendments. The election coincides with the national convention, which this year is scheduled to be held in Atlanta, GA.

Any NAMI Affiliate with more than 5 active memberships as of the membership deadline, which is 70 days prior to the annual meeting at convention is eligible to cast a ballot in the elections. This year, the membership deadline is May 8 – this Friday!


An affiliate will have a “vote weight” determined by how many active memberships they have as of the membership deadline:

  • 5-50 members = vote weight of 1
  • 51-100 members = vote weight of 2
  • 101-200 members = vote weight of 3
  • 201-300 members = vote weight of 4
  • 301-400 members = vote weight of 5
  • 401-500 members = vote weight of 6
  • 501-600 members = vote weight of 7
  • 601-700 members = vote weight of 8
  • 701-800 members = vote weight of 9
  • 801+ members = vote weight of 10


Each NAMI State Organization will receive a vote weight of 1.

All Open Door, Regular, and Household memberships count as ONE for the purposes of voting. This means that even if there are multiple people covered under a single Household membership, it only counts as one membership towards an affiliate’s membership count.


Membership Processing Information


The national NAMI office has one person available to assist all NAMI State Organizations and NAMI Affiliates with membership. Please do not wait until the last minute to begin processing memberships as we may be unable to assist you in a timely manner.

All memberships must be processed in our NAMI 360 online database.

Regular, Open Door, and Household memberships with an expiration date of May 8, 2020 or later will be counted towards your NAMI Affiliate’s vote weight. This includes memberships processed by a state or affiliate in NAMI 360 as well as memberships paid on by the individual member.


If your NAMI State Organization processes memberships for you, please work with them to ensure they have enough time to submit your memberships and corresponding payments to NAMI in order to meet the May 8 deadline.



  • The following NAMI 360 Knowledge Center article has the steps you need to take in order to process memberships in NAMI 360, as well as links to other articles that will help you through the steps:
  • NAMI 360 batches closed and paid by 11:59PM Eastern on Friday, May 8 will be counted as received on time.
  • Memberships in any batches created prior to the May 8 deadline but not closed and paid until after May 8 will not count towards your NAMI Affiliate’s vote weight.
  • Memberships must be paid for in NAMI 360 by credit or debit card. The national office is not able to accept checks for NAMI 360 membership batches. If you run into any problems submitting a credit or debit card payment, please email so we can assist you.



  • NAMI 360 access is managed by the NAMI State Organization or NAMI Affiliate. In order to process memberships, you need to have either “Basic + Membership” or “Admin” access.
  • Don’t currently have access to NAMI 360? Anyone with “Admin” access can add or update access for you. If there isn’t anyone at your affiliate with Admin access, please contact your state office.



Descriptions of NAMI 360 access levels

How to manage access to NAMI 360



Thank you for your attention to these reminders! Please let us know if you have any questions, or if we can assist you in any way to make this process go by smoothly.

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