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NAMI’s Mental Wellness Tips for the Holidays!

Take a step back from the overwhelming amount of parties, events, and festivities to make sure your mental wellness is where it needs to be. Often, we overwhelm ourselves during the holiday season which not only takes the joy out of these experiences but also takes a toll on our mental health.

Let’s make this year different.

We’ve got a few tips to help you prioritize yourself this Christmas:


Tip 1: Schedule your “me time” like it’s a doctor’s appointment.

Whether it’s a 30-minute walk, and hour at the gym, or a 45-minute nap, make sure you take time to ground yourself. It’ll help you manage stress & give you time to check-in with yourself to ensure a healthy holiday season.




Tip 2: The holidays can throw a wrench into things, but here are a few tips for maintaining your “normal”:

🎄 Try to wake up & go to sleep at the same time you normally do.
🎄 Schedule time for a walk, the gym, or to meditate.
🎄Let your loved ones know what your routine is. They can help you stay on course if things pop up.



Tip 3: Yes – doing all of the things sounds like all of the fun, but piling on events to already-crammed weekends is a good way to take the “jolly” out of the season.

Instead, pick 3 major must-dos!

This will allow you time to prepare for the events, set clear expectations & boundaries with loved ones, and give YOURSELF the space you need to enjoy the holiday season 🎄


Tip 4: Don’t do it alone.

Holidays or not, your therapist & treatment team are there to support you on your journey to mental wellness. If you need to, set up additional appointments or make sure you have important numbers (crisis lines, etc.) saved where they are easy for you & loved ones to access.

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