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Access2Care Adds New Wide-Range Screen

Access2Care, an online program offering anonymous & evidence-based behavioral health self-screenings and educational resources, has added a new Wide-Range Screen to both the Kiosk & website!

What Is the Wide-Range Screen?

The Wide-Range Screen is the latest addition to the Access2Care screening program which is designed to provide access to anonymous, online, evidence-based behavioral health self-screenings, educational resources, and referral information in English and Spanish. These services are available 24/7, on both the Sandhills Center website and its own independent website which provides easy and convenient access.
This new screen is a broad questionnaire focused on an individual’s behavioral health, providing a more comprehensive look at your well-being. It also makes recommendations on which of the more in-depth screenings to take based on your results.  It covers six behavioral health disorders including:
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • PTSD
  • Bipolar
  • Substance use
  • and disordered eating.

This, like all of the Access2Care screenings, is completely anonymous and based on clinically validated assessments. As with all of our screenings, this is an educational tool, but not diagnostic.


  • Helping individuals get a sense of what their symptoms/experience might indicate, even if they’re not quite sure how they’re feeling.
  • Offering a more complete assessment of what conditions an individual might be experiencing, given that many behavioral health issues coexist.
  • Directing individuals to more in-depth screenings on disorders for which they may be at risk after receiving results of the Wide-Range Screen.


As a reminder, the kiosks are in Guilford and Harnett counties, but the screenings can be accessed anywhere by going online to

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